Curd / Dahi/ Yogurt

Dahi – the curdled milk is also called Curds, Flavoured and seasoned Yogurts, is a very much liked offering to Shri Thakurji . With little offering of DAHI he is instantly pleased. Let is make it at home to win his grace.


  • Fresh Milk 1 Lit.
  • Curd 1 tsp.

Preparation Method

Reduce the Milk by boiling to 3/4th.

Allow it to cool .

Add 1 tsp. of Curd as jamavan to the Lukewarm reduced milk and stir for few times.

Let the Milk stay and stand in the pot you choose for your Dahi for minimum 4hrs.

Check the Curd thick and solidified milk , by just tilting a little.

wow its ready to be offered fresh and refreshing with a leaf of Tulsi.