Gunja – Ghughara – Gujiya

The speciality of Holi, its a traditional and artistically folded sweet.



  • Rava – 200 gms.
  • Dry fruits, powdered Cardamoms , black pepper, chirongi [ hindi], sugar,baras [ edible camphor]
  • Flour / Maida -1kg.
  •  Ghee for frying.
  •  Sugar – thrice the portion of Maida, for syrup [ chashni]

Preparation Method

  • Roast the rava in ghee till pink, and add all the dry fruits, sugar according to taste, mix well and keep aside for cooling.For the dough , knead the maida tightly with the warm ghee and little water. Make small balls,and roll small puris like. Now fill the Puri half with the rava mixture and fold , seal the sides by applying water.Fold the sides of the D like Gunja with design. Make such gunjas and deep fry them in hot Ghee. Takecare the gunja does not open while frying . Please do this on slow flame.


  • Takeout the fried gunjas on tissue paper. If you want you can dip the Gunjas into thick syrup and let the gunja be coated by sugar.


  • Cool and store in air tight jar…Offer with love and devotion to Shree Thakurji and his toli of Holi players.


  •  radhe radhe.