Jai Shree Krushna,

SUKHADI – is a conventional ,regular sweet – prepared in every household in the state of Gujarat.

This nutritious sweet prasadam is packed with the goodness of Wheat – Jaggery – Ghee.

It is consumed hot and has a longer shelf life .

Vitamin B12 , Iron and minerals present in jaggery do good to body and brain.


  • 2-cup wheat flour,
  • 1-cup grated jaggery,
  • 1-cup ghee
  • table spoon chopped almonds for garnishing.

Preparation Method

  • Heat the ghee in pan.
  • Add wheat flour on medium heat. Mix well and roast until it become pinkish-brown.
  • Turn off the flame and add jaggery to it.
  • Mix  quickly and thoroughly and pour it in a plate high rim. Spread very well and flatten.
  • Garnish with Almond silvers.
  • Cut it into pieces.
  • Offer to Shree Krushna & Store the rest in a container.